Welcome to the caLIBRAte Nano Risk Governance Portal

What is nanotechnology?

Encompassing science, engineering, and technology in nanoscale

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What is nanoscale?

So, how small are we talking...

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What is trending in Nano?

Get the latest updates. What's trending on the Nano-Risk Radar.

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R&D and Industry Zone

Acces to receive industry specific information related to nano.

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What are nanomaterials?

How do you define them. 300 manufactured nanomaterials on EUoN.

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Where are nanomaterials used?

What is this key enabling technology used for

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Nano in consumer products

Learn about the products which contain nanomaterials.

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What do the stakeholders say?

Find out what the stakeholders said during the caLIBRAte surveys

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How is Nanotechnology governed?


Regulations on nano in chemcials, food and cosmetics.

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EU and non-EU funded research on development, application and risk.

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Latest on standards and practices on nano.

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Acces guidances and fact sheets generated from the EU caLIBRAte project.

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